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In pursuance of provisions contained in Section 5(1) and (2) of the "Right to Information Act-2005", the Competent Authority in BSNL has designated various Executives as Central Assistant Public Information officers(CAPIOs), Central Public Information Officers (CPIOs) and First Appellate Authorities (FAAs) in the Circle Headquarters / SSAs (Telecom Districts) / Units in BSNL Karnataka Telecom Circle for the convenience to the General Public and quick disposal of RTI Applications/Appeals, [ANNEXURE-I]. Accordingly, the CPIOs concerned will process and furnish the information to the Applicants, as per the provisions of the Act.

          Also, in pursuant to the Section 4(1)(b) of RTI Act 2005, the Information Manual contains the following.[This is in addition to the other information already available in the BSNL Karnataka Telecom Circle Website, “”

  • The information regarding the particulars along with the functions and duties involving the responsibilities and authorities of all the Executives and Non-Executives of the office of the CGMT, BSNL Karnataka Circle, Bangalore,[ANNEXURE-II]
  • The directory of the Executives and Non-Executives [ANNEXURE-III] and
  • The monthly remuneration received by each of the Executives and Non-Executives for the month of Nov 2013 [ANNEXURE-IV].
  • Manual for Circle office [ANNEXURE-V].

          [The Payment of Application Fees / Additional cost of collecting the information: The IPOs (Indian Postal Order) / DD etc., may please be addressed to / drawn favouring, “The Accounts Officer, BSNL”].

“CLICK HERE” for more information about RTI Act-2005 (CIC New Delhi)
“CLICK HERE” for information manual (Persuant to Section 4(1)(b) of RTI Act-2005) of BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi
ANNEXURE-I : “CLICK HERE” for Name, Designation, Address and Telephone Nos of the RTI Authorities in BSNL Karnataka Telecom Circle
ANNEXURE-II : “CLICK HERE” for Duties/Responsibilities & Authorities of Executives and Non-Executives in the office of the CGMT, Bangalore.
ANNEXURE-III : “CLICK HERE” for Directory of Executives and Non-executives in the office of the CGMT, Bangalore
ANNEXURE-IV : “ CLICK HERE” for Monthly Remuneration received for the Month of Nov 2013 by Executives and Non-executives in the office of the CGMT, Bangalore
ANNEXURE-V : “ CLICK HERE” for Entity manual for Circle Office.
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